Manon is a family run gastro bar and bistro. You could say that restaurateur Nigel Mifsud and his brother Karl were born with a wooden spoon in their mouths. Their earliest memories are dashing around their parents’ Sliema restaurant where they both quickly learnt the meaning of ‘all hands on deck’.


This is undoubtedly a contender for the most stylish 1920’s inspired bars in Malta: old Valletta meets a modern take on the cha cha style. It’s not just the arched décor or the way it’s throwback to the way bars used to be, it’s also the serious selection of fine liquor. Manon Gastro Bar is ideal for that après work drink, or that après theatre toast and why not, for that avant romance flute. Here you’ll find world-renowned single malts, fusion cocktails with exotic ingredients, and a studied selection of classical wines to match not just the food but also the mood.