The Manon Experience

Walking into Manon is like going back in time to a 1920s luxury ocean liner. You can’t help drawing your breath in as you set foot inside: rich woods polished until they gleam, streamlined geometric forms, marble décor, brass details and a blend of velvet armchairs and wood-framed booths.

The minute you step in, you’re hit by the vibe of the Roaring Twenties, of a vibrant, jazzy, Valletta and you can’t help but feel the frisson of endless possibilities.

The 1920s were symbolical of people’s need to be amused after the Great War. A hundred years on, this is definitely a reflection of our own age and Manon Gastro bar and Bistro captures just that. The art déco style combines a nostalgia for both the past and present: Manon greets us with its roots of glamour and luxury, nudging us to appreciate that life’s little special moments need to celebrated.

Manon’s Philosophy

We only abide by one philosophy at Manon: to give people an unforgettable experience. The place itself is vibrant and bold and yet it feels familiar and comforting. The food is an operatic act: traditional fused with unconventional, full of drama, and yet harmonious. We want Manon to be the place where customers can treat themselves to little celebrations and we’ll be there to make it happen for them.